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“I am writing to thank two very outstanding CNAs because their work goes beyond a Bravo Award. Lisa Kinney and Serge consistently work hard for every residents but I am writing to thank them for their work with Russ.

On August 31 upon returning from a late appointment at Rhode Island Hospital, Lisa met us in the hallway and immediately took Russ for cleanup and assured him that dinner was waiting for him. Lisa spoke to Russ about her own recovery from a stroke 18 years ago, and how terrifying it was to want to communicate an not be able to speak. Russ was focused on her every word and it was touching to watch their interaction. It brought tears to my eyes.

To residents and their families, CNAs make or break a nursing home. Lisa and Serge are not the only CNAs who give compassionate care, but they stand out for their consistent hard work. I’ve never heard them say “not my job” or “ask someone else”. READ MORE

~Carol Ann, Family Member

“After another fall and subsequent surgery, I am back at BBC. Afraid of another fall I didn’t think I’d be able to do much of what I needed to do to be able to go home. I was surprised at the flexibility of the therapy staff. We went from safe transfers in and out of the wheelchair to exercise to strengthen muscles to working in the OmniStand to learn to balance on one leg, while non-weight bearing for many weeks on my other leg. That machine is amazing! I learned to balance, knowing I couldn’t fall. There was even learning I could sway forward and back and side to side. Soon I was reaching high and low to one side and the other to reach and return cones. In doing so I was also building strength in my leg. But the therapy was not one dimensional. I did leg and arm exercises, developed the skills to stand from my locked wheel chair to stand and balance to reach things in high cupboards and other kitchen tasks. I learned to hop over the lip of a shower as I will have to do at home. Since this was my 3rd surgery in 40 days, sore, unused muscles were given E-stim treatments while my foot was treated to an ice machine to reduce my swelling foot which needed extensive surgery. Tomorrow I am going home, a more confident woman.”

~ Donna E., Resident

“Dear Susan and all of our friends at Bayberry Commons,

We can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance in helping to support Rick’s ability to attend our daughter’s wedding.” READ MORE

~ Georgette, Family Member

“Dear Susan and Staff of Bayberry Commons Long Term Care,

On behalf of my family and myself I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding care you gave my mother, Vivian during her 7 years with you. She truly loved you all”. READ MORE

~ Karen, Family Member

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